Family History

The Journey Begins

Exploring our ancestors is always a journey and I appreciate you joining me for this one!

I am a long time hobby genealogist but have just recently decided to try a more methodical practice than just looking at shaky leaves and running where they take me. For more information about my particular research areas and surnames, and the methods I am using, please continue to follow me here. I am planning to update at least weekly with progress on my research, and definitely with new finds! And I am very open to collaboration – after all, family history encompasses us all! If you want to learn more about me personally, keep reading below.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I am NOT a little blue-haired lady who has nothing better to do than sit around and remember the good times of yesteryear. That seems to be a common stereotype surrounding genealogy, but these days its becoming more and more the hobby of housewives, moms, grandpas, and even kids!

Personally, I’m a middle-aged (gasp!) mom of an almost teenager and wife to the biggest Arkansas Redneck you’ll ever meet. We were married for 13 years before the mini-me came along, and as a result of us being older, and him taking so long to get here, he’s irreparably spoiled, but not rotten, as he likes to say. My husband works long hours and in the quiet of the evenings, I do research and share my findings with my son.

Imagine his shock when I found that I had a brother I never knew existed! Thanks to AncestryDNA and my bulldog approach to all things genealogy, I was able to track down my biological father and my half-brother after twenty-eight years of looking for him. I’ve also found interesting relationships, like my husband’s family changing their surname all within one generation, and a potential ancestor who was an identity thief back in the 1890’s and tried to get a pension from the government ($8 a month, no less!) under a false name.

As I continue to research and document the families I’m tracing, I certainly hope to find more amazing stories that surrounded the lives of my ancestors. Again, thanks for joining me on this journey!

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