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Its been a while since I’ve had a chance to post anything. The holidays have kept me fairly busy, and when I’m not busy, I’m tired. Research has taken a back burner to spend actual time with family and listening to stories told by them instead of putting them together from old records.

I did finally get to revisit the old Bible that I found last month in a local junk store. There was a brief family genealogy written in there, mostly from Glens Falls, New York. That in itself is strange since I live in Arkansas. That book traveled quite a ways to be found!

I added pictures of the family pages in my last post (here) but for posterities sake, and to make the search engines more likely to find the results for anyone looking, I’m including the names found below. I’ve also created a tree in for this family. As I was adding names, some shakey leaves showed up, so I may at some point go back and dig further into it just for fun. But for now, if you are looking for the Maynard family from Glens Falls, New York, I may have some nuggets to help!

George C. Maynard
born 11 Aug 1931
Glens Falls, NY

Harold Maurice Maynard
born 17 Mar 1908
Glens Falls, NY

born 25 Apr 1908
Harrisena, NY
died 14 Jan 1994

one sister to George listed: Kay

Joan M. Koch
born 3 Mar 1936
Far Rockaway, L.I. (I’m guessing that stands for Long Island)

Kenneth O. Koch
(siblings William Arthur and Rose Eleanor)

Evelyn A. Wolf
(sibling Ferdinand)

Children of George Maynard and Joan Koch:

Glenn Maynard
born 28 Jun 1957
Glens Falls, NY
died 31 May 1971

William Mark
born 12 Nov 1958
Glens Falls, NY
married Carlene Steele
children: Jessica Lynn (11 Sept 1982, Rutland, VA)
Devin Matthew (16 Apr 1986, Rutland, VA)

born 11 Dev 1959
Glens Falls, NY

Wesley J.
born 5 Oct 1961
Rutland, VA

Lenore Anne
9 Mar 1964
Rutland, VA

I’m thinking about trying to find one of the children of William Mark on Facebook – they would be about the right age. But in the meantime, if anybody lives in that area, feel free to repost. Maybe they’ll find me!

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