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Monday Musings – Happy mail

As Time Goes By, recorded by Barbara Lee “Bobbie” Trim

A few weeks ago I posted about my paternal granddad, Joe. He was born in 1914 in Tennessee, and should therefore have a birth certificate (the state started keeping records in 1908). I sent off my order form with a check for the record back in February and I got a response…. A stamped rejection and a note that no records were found. I was super bummed because I was hoping that document would prove or disprove that his middle name is Levi, not Leroy, as that contradicts family tradition. No such luck.

On the other hand, I also got an unexpected package from my aunt. When I opened it and saw the single vinyl record it contained my knees got weak and I cried like a baby.

Back in the early 60’s my mom made a record for my great grandmother’s jukebox that stood in her cafe in Joynor, Arkansas. I’d listened to it a lot when I was little but after my grandmothers death in 1997, the record disappeared. Evidently it had gotten stuck in with other things my aunt had inherited and she’s just now run across it again. As a genealogist, having a recording of an ancestors voice is almost better than having a photo of them – hearing the voice of someone who’s passed on is always a surreal experience. In this case, not only is it special for genealogical purposes, but it’s also a recording of my mother singing a song that she used to comfort me with as a child. This will forever be a treasure to me.

What kinds of artifacts do you have in your keeping that hold special memories and meanings? I’d love to hear about them!

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