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Oh, Sidney

If you've read my blog before, you know I've been working on my husband's 2x great grandmother Sidney. Also, I have been doing a "genealogy do-over" to an extent by going back through my family tree software and writing up a summary for each person. This sounds like a waste of time since I have… Continue reading Oh, Sidney

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Genea Wishes for 2019

I read a post today from Down Home Genealogy (you can find it here) where Devry gave a recap of things that she had 'wished and hoped' for in 2018. Reading her post, it got me to thinking about how often I, and possibly you do it, too, simply forget to look at all the… Continue reading Genea Wishes for 2019

Family History

Research Project, Sidney Wall(s)

So to start this journey, I'm beginning with a person that I think I have some good info on, but I put her history together in a shoddy manner and I want to go back through the records and make sure that I've properly documented everything as it needs to be. In this post, I'm… Continue reading Research Project, Sidney Wall(s)