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Genea Wishes for 2019

I read a post today from Down Home Genealogy (you can find it here) where Devry gave a recap of things that she had 'wished and hoped' for in 2018. Reading her post, it got me to thinking about how often I, and possibly you do it, too, simply forget to look at all the… Continue reading Genea Wishes for 2019

Family History

Continuing the search for Sidney

This weekend I spent a good bit of time going back over what I already knew of Sidney and her family, including not only reading the census records I've collected, but also transcribing them into my Evernote notebook. I've taken a bit of a different approach with this search after reading Val Greenwood's book, The… Continue reading Continuing the search for Sidney

Family History

The Preliminary Survey Begins

According to Val Greenwood, in his book The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy, when searching for information on an ancestor, we must first start with what other's have done. This is called the┬ápreliminary survey, or secondary research. The purpose of this review of others' work is to: ...find the answers to three significant questions: What… Continue reading The Preliminary Survey Begins